Why Leave Money on the Table?

Let us help you save thousands with our rebate program

Meet the Team

Vittorio Paolo Capasso


License Real Estate Broker & Your New Home Community Expert

Silvio Diaz PA - Marketing Director

Puchy Vazquez - Customer Service


Follow these simple steps for your 2% Rebate

  1. Subscribe / sing in our website. Once sign in,  we will email our form. Once fill, print and take it with you to the builder's community of your choice.
  2. Call us to make your appointment to visit with the Builder or Community you want to tour.
  3. Tell the agent assigned to the community that you are working with Vittorio Paolo Capasso, License Real Estate Broker.
  4. Take the property tour on your own. 
  5. When you select your ideal home, ask for the Builder's incentives for that day (if any) and negotiate your final price plus incentives (if any)
  6. Before you sign the contract ask the builder's agent to email us a copy of the contract for verification to: silviodiaz.pa@gmail.com 
  7. Before you sign the contract, make sure the Builder's Agent included in the paper contract that  "Vittorio Paolo Capasso" is your license Real Estate Broker.
  8. Before closing, let us know if you would like to apply the 2%  rebate towards your closing cost (if allowed by the tittle company" or if you prefer a check for the entire 2% amount.
  9. You can choose to received the rebate at closing either to cover closing cost or in the form of a check. In some cases the builder or the lender does not allowed the rebate to be paid at closing. In that case we will issued a company check in the buyers name immediately after receiving payment from the Title Company. 

                                                                                                                                     It's That Simple.......

Q & A


Question: Are rebates legal in Florida?

Answer: Yes, Rebates ARE LEGAL in Florida per Rule 61J2-10.028 (DOJ –Florida Allows Rebates) and are even encouraged by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ – Rebates Make Buying a Home Less Expensive) 

Question: Is the 2% the maximum rebate I will get?

Answer: In most cases the real estate agent commission is 3%  (which is were your rebate comes from) so we pass to the customer the 2% rebate, now in a case where the builder increases the real estate commission above the 3% then we will pass the difference above 1% to the customer. Example Home Price = $500,000.00 X rebate(2%) = $10,000.00 rebate amount less the broker fee. If in the same scenario the real estate agent commission was set at 4% the total amount of the rebate will be $15,000.00 ($500,000.00 X 3%)

Question? Are there any hidden fee(s)?

Answer:  No, there is no additional or hidden fees to worry about.

Question: Can I visit the new home community on my own?

Answer: Yes, the rebate program was designed with that purpose in mind. You go on your own time, at your own pace and without any body following you or pushing you a sale. However you should first register with us and let us know of any communities you’d like to visit before you visit them. Some communities and Builders require us to accompany you in person on your first visit. We will first contact the builders and find out their requirements for us to represent you. If you do visit any new home communities without us, be sure to let the Builder know you are working with me Silvio Diaz, PA from The K Company Realty and share a copy of our engagement letter with them.

Question? Is the rebate only available in the Orlando, Florida area and what builders do you work with?

Answer: No, our rebate program is available for the entire state of Florida and yes we work with all the builders as long as they pay a minimum of 3% commission to the real estate agents and/or brokers.